How can we thank the UAE’s medical and healthcare workers for their efforts in controlling #COVID19?

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مجهول on 26/03/2020

#ThankYouHeroes I really want to thank all the medical and health care workers personally. Thank you for your hard work in fighting the COVID-19 leaving behind your personal life and family. A salute to all of you from me. Ayesha

مجهول on 25/03/2020

Give them additional pay for their families. Give them national appreciation.

مجهول on 25/03/2020

write their names on a specially built monument

مجهول on 25/03/2020

give them a special bonus from the federal budget...

مجهول on 25/03/2020

maybe volunteer with them - so they get enough rest?

مجهول on 25/03/2020

Theirs is a thankless job. What can we say or do other than acknowledging this fact and forever keeping this in our mind?


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