Beneficiaries after the Insured's Death Expedites the Disbursement of the Death Grant

01/06/2021 General | Shamma Al Shaibani

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Beneficiaries after the Insured's Death Expedites the Disbursement of the Death Grant

Updating of data by the beneficiary heirs of the pensioner or the insured immediately after the death expedites the disbursement of the death grant approved by law to the heirs of the pensioner upon death. The GPSSA indicated that, for the insured, the grant is distributed to heirs upon his/her death in accordance with the rules of Islamic Sharia. For the pensioner, the grant is distributed to his/her dependents onwhom he/she has depended during his/her lifetime.

The grant is the first insurance benefit received by the beneficiaries upon the death of the insured or of the pensioner. This grant was approved by law in order to help them manage their lives quickly and respond to all life requirements upon the death. Thus, the quick completion of the updating meets the objective of the grant. 

 The grant is paid in one payment, and it is non-refundable, it may not be seized for paying any debt, it is exempted from all taxes and fees, and it is not related to the shares due to heirs for the months following the death, which are regularly paid monthly by the GPSSA.

The amount of the grant equals the pension due to the pensioner for the three months following the death, in addition to the salary of the month of death, adding that the grant is completely different from the compensation that is provided in some cases of death owing to work injuries to the insured.

Updating of data immediately after the death of the pensioner or of the insured does not expedite the disbursement of the grant only, but also that of the pension shares due to the beneficiary's dependents, where the GPSSA must, before disbursing the shares, verify the fulfillment of the entitlement requirements stipulated by law for everyone.

Mohamed Saif Al Hamli

Director General of the General PEnsion & Social Security Authority


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